We offer a dedicated team of passionate experts.
Oh, and, well-rounded software and hardware solutions too.

IoT & Asset Monitoring

Considering the good, bad and the inevitable of the Internet of Things, it takes experience and innovation to stay above the competition, and that is what we bring to the table.

We specialize in reading into a requirement and designing a system that is tailor-made for peak performance with maximum security, taking a project from its inception, through prototyping, to final productization.

Research reveals how a great deal of productivity is lost due to improper or inefficient maintenance patterns. A focus on maximum resource utilization is founded on robust Asset Monitoring technologies.

Health Monitoring | Performance Monitoring | Condition Monitoring

Our Health, Performance and Condition Monitoring algorithms help you to take informed decisions about the life of your assets and help you maximize your productivity.

Product Engineering & Wearable Tech

Just along the outskirts of the blast radius of the explosion that was mobile computing, wearable technology has carried on its slow and steady advance, proving its worth in several industries, and displaying great potential and scope in many others.

The research, design and engineering of products, wearable and otherwise, are areas of development that we are extremely passionate about, and we love taking on projects that help us be our very best.

We specialize in designing, prototyping and developing custom hardware and software solutions aimed at the wearable market, with a focus on bio signal acquisition and analysis. These are low power, high performance electronic modules of very small form factors. Every aspect of the design and development is carried out in-house, from the circuitry to the custom enclosures and hardware, to the firmware and software packages.

Mobile App Development

The world has embraced the mobile revolution, and we're in the eye of the storm. While one section of developers strive to make websites truly responsive, another faction would forgo websites as a whole and focus on building applications that make use of the incredible processing power that comes bundled in today's mobile devices, to place the best possible user experience literally in the customer's hands. Making no distinctions, we have a mobile app development team experienced in creative design and development of mobile applications on the Android and iOS platforms, including applications designed for the Apple Watch.

Web CMS & Web Application Development

A solid web-presence has already become one of the basic essentials for a business, regardless of the size or nature of the venture. If you don’t have a website, it is likely that you are losing business to a competitor that does. We realise the role a website plays in portraying a business as one to be taken seriously. It’s not just web pages that we design, we design experiences.

The landscape of web-based applications is growing stronger every day. We live in an era where online shopping is actively used by over 70% of the world population, and every consumer device is now “cloud-connected” and “smart”. When consumers look online for their solutions, businesses make the move to host their respective solutions online, and that’s where we come in. We build effective user-friendly applications that meet the challenges of an ever-changing competitive landscape, taking care of applications that range from simple websites to complex eCommerce platforms.