"If a design can't communicate, it is worth nothing... and if it can, then it is worth noting. " -Team Onbyz

When we set out on our entrepreneurial path five years ago, our greatest passion was to make products that exemplified careful design and carefree innovation. For us, the successful "engineering" of a product requires an absolute alignment towards professional design and system performance without loosing focus on who the product serves. Our team has built beautiful products and, in the course, helped many companies fulfill their product dreams. This made us realize the power vested in our team to convert an idea into a product.
Further down the road, we extended our services to cater to even more companies and teams looking to build products, picking out the areas that we have expertise in. As of the year 2016 we have worked on 60 different software projects and 30 hardware projects in 8 countries and have 81 happy clients.
Working as a close-knit team rather than a large organisation helps us achieve higher standards. At the same time, it enables us to do crazy side projects and enroll for competitions. Our team was crowned as one of the winners at a National Level Hackathon and our projects were selected as among the top 10 in the world for a consecutive 2 years by Intel Corporation. Our team members were also recognised with the Intel IoT Innovator tag by Intel Corporation and they continue to engage with the community and share their knowledge.